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Professional Odoo Workshop Training, with a Real-Life Implementation Practicing



Yossef Elsherif

Yossef Elsherif



Understand the Fundamentals of Odoo

You will understand how to use and implement Odoo Core Modules

Understand the Best Practices in Project Management

You will learn how we manage Odoo Projects and the Best Practices in the Business

Study Plan and Preparation for Odoo Certification

You will have a plan and a clear path to follow and get Certified in Odoo

Ability to Manage and Control Odoo Project with full-cycle

By the end of this course, you will be able to manage your own Odoo Projects

Understand the Freelancing Opportunities in Odoo

Understanding the World Wide Opportunities for Freelancing work in Odoo and how to get it

Accounting and Finance

Learn how to set-up and configure the core system in any business: the accounting engine, and the invoicing system.

You will learn how to do full accounting system implementation, how to train users and guide them to the effective use of odoo tools, and how the top management could use the reporting system to get different statements and statistics.

Purchase Management

Full Procure-to-Pay cycle.

How to build a purchasing system within odoo. Quotations, orders, billing, and payment.
Various functions within purchase department responsibilities, to understand it and streamline users’ work.

Inventory Management

Inventory is a major asset of any industry, you will learn how to organize it and manage its locations with the different processes the team should perform.

CRM & Sales Management

In a customer-oriented world, where customer satisfaction is the highest value, you will understand how the sales force works using odoo features, to enhance their activities and increase their clients.

Human resources and Payroll

Employees are the most valuable capital. You will master odoo applications that manages human capital to deliver these great features to odoo users.
Also, you will issue employees’ payslips through payroll engine.

Project Management

Projects are the new mean of achievement, either in construction, real-estate, operation, and of course odoo implementation.
The Project Management application will show you how to track the progress, record timesheet, follow up on tasks, and multiple valuable features to deliver the project on-time with the desired outcomes.


Understand manufacturing basics, BOM preparation, work center settings, and route configuration.
Create manufacturing orders, work orders, quality checks, and more.
Follow up cost, and learn about best practices.

Admin Settings

As a consultant and Project Manager, you should manage the system and support users.
Learn how to use admin features and tools to eas the users’ work and to support them, either from your odoo admin user or directly from the database.

Capstone Project

Practicing is the best way to master learning.
You will be responsible to perform a full project with real outcomes by the end of the workshop, in which your performance will be evaluated and guided.

Project Management Skills

Master the tools, techniques, and methodologies of managing ERP projects.
Learn how to follow best practices and contribute to your PMO and project successful delivery.

Course Content

Topic 1: Accounting and Finance

Section 01 Odoo FW Intro
Section 02 Accounting Setup and Configuration
Section 03 Business Master Data
Section 04 Business cycle and Transactions

Topic 2: Purchase Management

Section 05 Purchase Setup and Configuration
Section 06 Procure-to-Pay Cycle
Section 07 Purchase analysis

Topic 3: Inventory Management

Section 08 Configuration and Warehouse Management
Section 09 Inventory Transactions & Control
Section 10 Inventory Reporting

Topic 4: CRM & Sales Management

Section 11 Settings, Contacts and Sales Teams
Section 12 CRM
Section 13 Order-to-Cash Cycle
Section 14 Invoicing and Reporting

Topic 5: MRP

Section 15 Basics, BOM, Work Centers, and Routes
Section 16 MO, Work Orders, Quality and Maintenance

Topic 6: HR and Payroll

Section 17 HR Master Data
Section 18 HR Procedures & Processes
Section 19 Payroll Process

Topic 7: Project Management

Section 20 Project, Tasks, and Timesheet
Section 21 Helpdesk and Support

Topic 8: Admin Settings

Section 22 Settings, Administration, Access Rights, and App Store

Topic 9: Capstone Project

Section 23 Real-Life project with a Business Case & Real Deliverables

Topic 10: Extra Apps

Section 24 Spreadsheet, Survey, Website & eCommerce, and POS

Topic 11: Odoo Certification Exam

Section 25 Odoo Certification Exam Preparation [Study and Practice]

Topic 12: Project Management Skills

Section 26 Consultation and Project Management Professional Guidance
Section 27 Jobs and Freelancing
Section 28 Offline Networking Event

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Business applications

Covers the main system applications to run any business. Accounting, invoicing, purchases, inventory, CRM & sales, HR, payroll, MRP, and extra.

36+ contact hours.

36+ hours of professional guidance through a multi-featured training workshop. An added-value to your knowledge and career.

Capstone project

At the end of your workshop, you will be required to fulfill your first odoo project, in which the instructor will guide you within.

Zero Coding knowledge

This workshop is multi-levels, you don’t need any developing background, though, business knowledge is a strength point for you.

Project Management

Professional guidance on your next career in consulting and project management, job hunting, and freelance work.

Certificate of accomplishment

Your progress and project outcomes will be evaluated and graded.
Along with program modules and your contact hours.

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Actually, the course was intensively informative and valuable piece of work. Throughout the enjoyable training journey, I’ve acquired a comprehensive experience of Odoo functions and implementation methodology thanks to the instructor’s helpful and inspiring sprite. In fact, I found answers to all the questions I’ve had in my mind before…

Farid Hassan
Finance Manager
جزيل الشكر والعرفان لحضرتك لما اكتسبته خلال التواجد فى هذا الكورس من توثيق وتثبيت ما بدأت فى تجميعه عن فوائد استخدام اودوو فى الشركات لربط كافة الادارات داخل الشركة وتسهيل العمليات اليومية الداخلية والخارجية مع إتاحة المتابعة المستمرة من أصحاب العمل والادارات الأعلى مستغلا الامكانيات الهائلة المتاحة بنظام اودوو. بالاضافة لذلك اكتسبت الخبرة الكافية لخوض تجربة…ا

Mohamed Abdel Hakim
IT Manager
I rarely come across real instructors who stand out like Yossef, I had the pleasure of joining odoo functional course with Yossef. if you you want to learn odoo , don’t hesitate, Yossef has the ability to give you more and more informations on real examples. I highly recommend taking this course with Yossef .

Mostafa Saiid
Project Manager

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